Salty Eggs

When you make a meal
for your lover and she tells you
it’s too salty and you reply, 
but I didn’t add much salt
you should consider taking
a deep breath right there,
my friend.
See, for her, it doesn’t matter 
what happened in your kitchen —
it’s her mouth and those delicate rows of
dancing buds sing
a chorus of flavor
on her tongue, not yours.
What could be truer than that?
Granted, if she’s only posturing
to make some kind of deeper point —
well, that’s a breakfast of contempt,
god bless you there.
But if she simply thinks
your omelette's too salty —
then brother, it’s too damn salty.
As a man who has gone to war over this
again and again,
a small dash of wisdom must've finally
soaked its way through my
hard-boiled head.
So now, when a recipe calls
for sodium, I'll stop and ask myself
what are these eggs really for
in the end — is it not to nourish
the one I adore?
And to this end,
is it better to be right
or devoured?