Tip the Scale

Look –

I’m not saying

life is fair

but if we’re talking fair,

seems like we’ve got

many different ways to

rebalance the forces

that pull on the world.

Not big

defiant acts,

those are necessary

and heroic

and if you're taking those


god bless you —

but i've been thinking

more about

our everyday


like for every act of

political stupidity

we see on tv,

there's a sudden,

glimmering chance

to counter it

with our own act of


say, picking up

a piece of factual


and educating

ourselves about it.


for every

episode of

The Bachelor

that airs

a urgent moral duty

to stop my


as she blithely

walks past me

on the way to

her room

and hug her

and kiss her

and tell her

i love her

you know,

for no reason.

We the people

are the opposite

of money

of politics

of Epstein's private fucking island,

and every day

we get to sprinkle a

little more humanity

and kindness

onto our side of those giant

teetering scales —

our collective

generational effort

to keeping those

heavy, groaning plates

tipped this way

toward us,

over this side

of the abyss.